Friday, August 27, 2004

It's all back to nothing happening, apparently. Or maybe I haven't been opening my eyes. B bought a Subaru wagon this week. We took it to the shop on Wednesday, and I picked it up yesterday. Taking it to the shop gave me a good excuse to get the bike out. I biked from the shop (at N 80th) down to Fremont, took in a disgraceful game of football by the shite in black and white, then biked home after stopping off to get a new brake. Yesterday I took Old Mario back up the Fremont hill, which nearly killed me. I'm almost 30, I look in reasonably good shape, but that hill was ferocious. I'll have to get up it more often. Note to readers, because my bike is a Bianchi, and because it's pretty old, I call it "Old Mario."

Riding by two wheels gave me a further appreciation for the scenic beauty of this city. And for the crap condition of most of the streets. Jesus, I thought Portland's roads were bad. I'm going to need a new bike even sooner now, which forget about it financially.

Finally some good news, though. I'm going to be in a three-month tutorial on trial advocacy run by the state bar's young lawyer's division. Hopefully this add some spice to my cover letters and resume, and for sure it will get me some contacts and CLE credits.

B is in a bit of tooth pain right now, since she had some dental work done earlier this week. O is better and is a much happier dog in the wagon than he ever was in the little truck. Oh god, you know your blogging sucks when you resort to life-reports on the SO and the pet. Why did I pick this up again??


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