Monday, September 20, 2004

There can't be many more depressing sights at a Mariner's game these days than "Booney" coming up to bat, especially with two on, two out, with the M's down by one late in the game. I say it's depressing, because it is, on so many levels. First, there's the inevitable disappointment. I knew before the first pitch in his seventh inning at-bat yesterday that he would bat in exactly zero runs. Second, there's the realization that something that was good not long ago is certainly gone, probably forever. Boone was a good hitter not long ago. He wasn't ever great, I don't think, but he did fit in well in a team filled with good hitting. That was three or four seasons ago, and back then I wouldn't have been so resigned to the fact that he wasn't going to drive anybody in. I'd have had some hope that he could produce something. Not so yesterday. But I sure didn't expect him to strikeout. Third, there's the knowledge that the disappointment isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and that the disappointment will actually linger much longer than one would want.

I went primarily to watch Bobby Madritsch pitch. He did pretty well, too. Seven innings, two earned, with something like 8 hits but too many walks (four). I'm glad I went to watch him pitch, because I think he'll be a pretty good pitcher next season, I just hope for his sake it's somewhere else. The Mariners just aren't going anywhere. Hell, compared to other teams they can't even get worse, at least in terms of runs and RBI.

My disappointment was severely tempered by the fact that I was someone's guest, and didn't have to shell out for my ticket. Spare a thought for my gracious host, however, who flew all the way from Japan just to watch Ichiro hit. In three games (one against Anaheim and two against Oakland--he missed one of the Oakland games due to jet-lag), he saw Ichiro hit one single. Otherwise, it was walks, K's, and ground-outs.


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