Friday, September 03, 2004


I spent all day trying to check my email. Yahoo apparently had some kind of DNS issue, because nothing Yahoo-associated was working for me all day long. Even now I'm having a lot of trouble checking the baseball scores, which is causing me all kinds of fantasy-baseball angst.

I've applied for multiple jobs this week. I'm not holding my breath on any of them.

B and I bought a printer this week, a Canon multi-function printer/copier/scanner. I went with a Canon over an HP based on some customer reviews, the price on newegg, and the cost of replacement ink-cartridges. I'm going to get some photo software installed and start posting pictures of our new place, views from the new car, and the same big dog.

I feel like the longer I go without finding a legal job, the further and further away I get from achieving what I hoped to accomplish by going to law school. That in turn has got me re-evaluating (because I just LOVE to go back and revisit the past...) exactly why I went to law school in the first place. Or at least, why I went to the law school I did, instead of a more prestigous one, where it wouldn't have mattered that the market sucks, or that my class standing wasn't great. And don't try to tell me that those schools don't really exist, because we all know that they do.

But it comes down to choices, doesn't it? I mean, all the decisions I made, they made sense at the time. And even though the scale on which I was weighing these choices was slightly skewed, or it didn't have the perspective it needed, or whatever, I made those choices using the best information I had at the time. And that's all you can really do.

The point is, I guess, I went to law school because I thought that once I got out I'd be able to do some good, to affect some positive change in the lives of people who needed it. I needed it before school, and I was lucky to find someone good and honest, and she inspired me to go. But now... man. I feel so far away from being able to do that.

For the past two weekends I've been back home working on MS's house with him. Building, framing, spackling, hanging windows... Hard work, but with measurable success at the end of every day. It's awesome that place, I can look at it every time I'm there and say, "I helped build that." Sure, I took a lot of orders and needed a lot of instruction, but I put a significant amount of work into that place. I know MS appreciates it.

I really miss my friends back east tonight. And come to think, you who I met in THE law school I chose to attend (despite myself), you who I wouldn't know otherwise... you're the most that I gained out of law school, and I am eternally grateful to know and love you. I would like nothing more than to sit with you (with cartoons in the background, and YOU know which cartoons, my swimming adult friends) and talk about our lives, our plans, their plans for jr... We have so much ahead of us, so much good to do, so much joy to share. Aw shucks. I miss you guys. So let's just commence to jigglin', shall we?


Blogger Wm said...

I should probably (belatedly) point out that the above-referenced problem was not with Yahoo at all. It was my computer, so, my bad Yahoo. Thanks to Chris (not THAT Chris) for helping me clear it up.

September 11, 2004 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger SuperBiff said...

I must be.. you know.. That OTHER Chris.. hehehe

September 13, 2004 at 10:59 PM  

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