Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I think what this means is, the end of the world is upon us. It's not so much that the Yankees couldn't stage an improbable comeback (10-3, 2 out in the bottom of the 9th, I thought they still could have won it), and it's not that Boston has won anything yet (they still have to play the NL champ), what bothers me is that the 3-0 series lead is no longer sacrosanct.
The 3-0 lead was something you could count on. It was like, the sure thing, as far as sports goes. The 3-0 lead was something almost holy, something untouchable. It was more than the 4 minute mile, because there was so much more to it. Now it's just one more fallen idol, one more landmark from my childhood erased. What is this crazy, unhealthy world doing to all of us, now that the 3-0 lead is no longer invincible?

Assuming the world does not end, I'll tell you what really IS going to bother me now. It's that everytime a series goes to 3-0, we're going to be told over and over and over and over again by the sporting syncophants that the only team EVER to come back from a 3-0 lead are the 2004 Red Sox. I don't know if I'll be able to suffer hearing that statistic associated the Boston Red Sox. If there is any team other than the Yankees that I do not want to be reminded of ever, it's the Red Sox. And Manchester United, but they don't play in series match-ups.

UPDATED AGAIN: Something happened to my original update (like, I deleted it accidently, duh) so here's what it said: my buddy Chris suggests that my existential crisis is meaningless. Basically, in his opinion, because the Yankees are the most loathsome team in all of baseball, with a history of loathsome off-field and on-field moves, they deserved everything they got. Furthermore, the fact that it happened to them this year is an indication that universal justice is alive and well, and that all is well with the world. No indication if this logic applies to terrorists and child molesters, but I hope, how I hope, that it does.


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