Monday, October 25, 2004

If ever there were a Monday, today would be the day. And not just because it's Monday, but because it's been one of those mythical Mondays.

Let's start with the weather... after a glorious, absolutely glorious weekend of sun and shine, today was a return to the gloom and doom that occasionally descends upon the PNW. It threatened rain without much production, except for those moments when I was walking the dog or driving the truck. But I'm used to the weather, and anyway it's only October. I don't REALLY get tired of it until March or so.

Wait, I should go back about six hours. Before the weather, there was the sleeping situation. I slept on the couch last night, not because B and I had a fight, but because we're eradicating little six-legged pests from our bedroom, and the dog can't sleep in there right now. Since he can't sleep in our room right now, the little guy is beside himself with anxiety. He doesn't understand that we don't want him sucking up powdered pest poison (but we're okay with it, really), and he thinks he's done something wrong. So to stop him whining I slept in the living room with him, which was none too comfortable.

Work... such as it is. I drove B to her office, then drove to mine. Today being the first time I've made this trip, I missed an exit in between our offices, and so had my journey unnecessarily extended. That was not-too-bad, except I really wanted a cup of coffee. I'd foregone my morning cup at home to save time, figuring I'd fill up in the basement. Upon arrival, I was saddened to learn that there was no more coffee. And not just no more coffee in the pot, but no more coffee in the house. Gritting my teeth, I drank tea. Lots of tea.

Actually starting to get to work on this project was impeded by the fact that the weekend crew that was assigned the task of clearing up the final publishing and editing bugs didn't, so we couldn't, so I sat there for a while chasing my tail. My boss is a real sport, though, and she let me hang around to collect hours while I tried to figure out problems that weren't mine to begin with, and so I couldn't be expected to fix. The downside there is I got stuck trying to explain these issues to my fellow worker. I must not have been doing a very good job letting her know that I didn't know any more than her, so I couldn't really answer her questions, no matter how many times per quarter hour she asked me to explain stuff.

But that was okay, even though I was hungry, because I found a vending machine that spits out chimichangas for a buck seventy-five. Except, in my case, today it didn't spit out the food, so I was spitting mad. My boss kindly reminded me that many people are killed or maimed each year when they try to shake their treats out of the machines. And she promised to try to get my cash back for me. I'm not holding my breath.

So a few hours later, I took off for home. No major problems on the way home, no traffic to fight, because hey, it was the middle of the day, and the only people out driving at that time of day are no-lifes like me.

At home, the dog had to pee, so I had to take him out, so it had to start raining again. Happily a friend of mine is heading up this way in a couple days and we're going to meet up. Unhappily the dog took my lapse in concentration as an opportunity to eat something off the street that I normally would have stopped him eating, which is going to make him real unhappy later on, in a digestive sort of way, one suspects.

My ballot was in the mail. I made my girlfriend dinner. I read the voter's pamphlet and was frankly offended by the paucity of real choice amongst candidates. I refuse to vote for someone who says, "Abortion is the American Holocaust" and am honestly shocked that a major party (guess which one!) would allow themselves to be affiliated with that kind of moronic talk. But then, there's a lot of moronic talk going around these days, right John?

There are still 3 hours to go before tonight ends. If there is cause for serious schadenfreude, I'll be sure to let you know.


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