Saturday, November 06, 2004

Politics blows. I was hoping for a little relief when the election ended. Little did I know that that from which I wanted relief was just getting started. I feel like I can hear the fabric of our society ripping, and am powerless to do anything about it, much less stop it. People for whom I thought I had a degree of respect are effectively saying, "I can't deal, so I won't even argue with you." People I know who couldn't possiblly know what end of a gun to point at someone are hinting at carrying. People who hold jobs that demand intelligence, organization, and critical thinking are complaining about conspiracy theories so outlandish the Coen Brothers couldn't have come up with them. People who I assumed to be intelligent, durable individuals have literally wept like babies. Can we please get a fucking grip here? I'm starting to worry. People are asking my girlfriend how she can stand to sleep with me, what with our differing political belief. And there really is only one fundamentally different belief (singular), it just happened to be a deal breaker for this election. Pretty much everything else, we voted the same. What the hell is going on here?

The guy (I have to assume it's a guy, for reasons that will become clear in just about a second...) who rents the 10th floor apartment one block down and half a block over, down the hill so that his apartment is about level with ours, was last night watching on his gigantic television three naked women getting it on in what looked to be a lockerroom/shower-type setting. It looked like a blonde-brunette-blonde situation, though not a "true" blonde. From the distance and amount of atmosphere between our apartments, I couldn't tell if there was any surgical enhancement or not. I'm going to hazard a guess and say, "not," but don't take me as definitive here. This is funny because the other night B and I were eating dinner, and the table looks out towards this guy's apartment. She stopped in mid-sentence and said, "I think... no? Wait... I think that guy's watching a porno..." But she didn't have her glasses on, so she couldn't really tell. Well, when she gets back from California I'm going to give her the good news. One more reason we don't need to order cable, I guess.


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