Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday. What a day. Sourdough bagette, coffee, honey, sausage, and a fried egg. I had a hell of a week.

I got up at 7am yesterday to go to court for a mock trial. Our group did the judge, jury, and everybody else a favor by putting on our show a full 2 hours ahead of schedule. People were pleased. Note to law students and lawyers offering comments afterword: you don't have to be nasty about delivering comments. Also, before offering substantive comments on the case, consider that we have a) limited facts and law on which to base our cases, b) we have limited time with which to prepare), and c) we're there not for YOUR benefit, but for our own. Our exercise was about putting on a case, not winning it. If you must offer comments, talk about speech, delivery, etiquette, procedure, etc... it's not much help to say, "why didn't you argue X case, or Y principle?" The answer to all those comments: they weren't in the materials. That's my rant.

I got a job. A real job, in a law firm. It was very sudden. Last week while at my temporary job, someone from the firm called me out of the blue (I'd contacted them about three months ago, then forgotten about them as I'd thought they'd understandably blown me off). They called on Wednesday, I interviewed on Friday, someone followed up on Sunday (Sunday!!), and I was hired on Tuesday. I started Wednesday. It's interesting work, extremely interesting in fact. For obvious reasons I can't discuss the specific work, and the only drawback is it's not a guaranteed position for any length of time. However, prospects look good for stable employment. The employment agreement is such that I can continue looking for other work if I want, and it won't be held against me if I find something somewhere else.

The level of anxiety around the apartment has decreased remarkably over the past week. The job is only 20 or so blocks from the apartment, so I can bike everyday. It's funny, I go into the firm looking like one of the couriers, but I get dressed inside and work all day looking like a lawyer, then go home again looking like a courier. It's a big, big firm, so there is a great deal of anonymity, so... so I don't know what. I have a feeling like I have a chip on my shoulder there, but I have been examining that and am thinking the chip may be a permanent part of my shoulder, and not necessarily related to the firm environment. It's my problem and I'll have to deal. Meanwhile, the dog need to take a run, so I need to take him...


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