Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year, y'all. I love most of you.

This Christmas I watched the old Eddie Murphy/Dan Akroyd movie, "Trading Places." I really liked it (again) but some things stood out more this time. For instance, at the very end, why was there a costume party going on in the train? It makes no sense at all. Jim Belushi's character says, "it's not even New Year baby" to his girlfriend, so it can't be a New Year party (plus the stock market isn't open on January 1st, the day they took the secret information to the market and cornered the forzen concentrated orange juice market). So, why the need for the costume party? Especially considering that (spoiler ahead) since they were stealing the secret information from a guy who knew their identities ANYWAY, there already would have been an angle to get disguises into the movie. I mean, they couldn't have walked into his car (and why didn't he lock the door anyway?) without disguises of SOME kind, so why not just go with the ones they had, and dispose of the costume party on the train? Because they needed a way to get the bad guy into an ape suit? I don't believe that. They could have got rid of him some other way (like in the caboose, or by pushing him out of the back of the train, or by locking him in a closet or by hitting him with chloroform and leaving him in a car full of guys on their way to a BSDM convention or something). So basically, as far as I can see, the costume party was superfluous.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ha ha. Twice in five years the "Fighting Irish" have lost to a team called the "Beavers." Since I went to one and hate the other, this makes for news. You know, I loved the movie "Rudy" but I hate the way Notre Dame is pampered by the sports media. It's a tired theme, but it's nonetheless true.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The following is an email I recently wrote to my father, who lives in a foreign country and watches the NFL in the middle of the night. The science project posts will just have to wait.

Hey when did you become such a big NE Patriots fan anyway? As far as I can recall, you've always been a Cowboys fan, and the only time I can remember you paying attention to the Patriots was back in 1986 when Jim McMahon and the Bears did the 42-10 Super Bowl Shuffle all over them, (in what was, for me anyway, the harbinger of the lopsided Super Bowl that was seen so prominently from the late 1980's to the mid-1990's, which caused television viewing to plummet for the SB, which caused fans to care less and less about it (if that were possible), which ultimately caused the league to implement its ridiculous salary and "parity" inducing rules, which have functioned like some kind of Socialist Sporting Regulatory Body
gone wild, and which has subsequently caused the NFL to become the unexciting and frankly crappy league that it is today, what with its focus on family-friendly marketing and football info-tainment television shows which now even my librarian girlfriend finds somewhat compelling, since she just watched "NFL Week in Review" or some crap on ESPN and came back to tell me how cool it was... so anyway, clearly I blame Mike Ditka for the crappy state of the NFL, although in 5th grade I thought he was a hell of a football coach and manager of kitchen appliances).

And let's not even TALK ABOUT how the above mentioned series of events has allowed TERRY BRADSHAW (who I despise only slightly less than Ted Rall, but for obviously different reasons, and but I'd still like to see TB kick TR in the nuts---oooh I'd pay money to see THAT) to return to the center of the nation's sporting consciousness from his rightful place on the fringes of lunacy...

So back to the original question... when did you become such a big
Patriots fan anyway??

ps--My girlfriend does not pronounce it "es-pen," since she knows it's really pronounced "E-S-P-N" (and no, smartass, she doesn't say, "E hyphen N hyphen...etc"

pps--A quick Google reveals that is was actually 46-10, but I don't think the point behind the post is materially affected.

Monday, December 20, 2004

coming soon: the story of the lamest 6th grade science project ever (plus also how elementary school science can be hazardous to your health).
This morning at 11 I looked out the 18th floor window of my office building. The office faces directly south, and there, seemingly in line with my sight was the sun. Almost due south at 11 am, sort of seeping through the high thin clouds, casting a pale light on us through our double-panes. And I thought to myself, "jeez, it looks like the sun just can't be bothered." And neither could I.

My girlfriend is super-cute. As is my dog, but in a different way.

And it's cold tonight. I'm thankful for my warm apartment and bed. Plus my job. I love having a job.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

A break? Not quite.

After getting our meteorlogical asses kicked for the last week or so, it seemed to me that all good folk of Seattle could look forward to a break this morning. And it was glorious. Clear, clean sky, shining sun, calm blue (as opposed to black/grey) water in Puget Sound. It was even a little warm. Odd. And so, so temporary. As I type the clouds are sailing in, the temperature is dropping, the wind is picking back up. Damn.

Went to old law firm Christmas party. Apparently last year got a little wild so this year they severely cut back on the alcohol flow after 9pm. Instead of the 5 bars that they had up when we arrived at 7, they had cut back to 2 after 9, so it was tough for B and me to get our wild on. But a couple of whiskey sours added a nice polish to my evening, and some of the talent on display was truly first class. Even B was taken aback by some of the dresses and occupants of said dresses.

After leaving the party in a complimentary taxi, B and I came home and I took the dog out. It was one of those outside-excursions that made me question how much I really love my dog (a lot), because frankly, the wind and rain, and his reluctance to do his thing were all combining to make me unhappy. You could say it was taking the polish off my evening. So B and I set out again, to a cafe around the corner from our apartment. In fact, it's the very cafe where Tom Leykis got his head kicked in this summer. All I have to say is, "Good corned beef hash." And beer.

UPDATE: It's sunny again. It's cloudy again. It's sunny again. It's cloudy again. It's sunny again. This could (and probably will) go on all day, if not winter.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday posting... Today was a classic Sunday (do I ever have anything other than classic weekends? I'll ponder...). I got up pretty early (8:30), walked the dog, then walked to the shop to get some laundry/dish soap, and cleaned the apartment while B slept. I did the bathroom, three loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher with the dishes from last night's steak BBQ (which was awesome) and generally made myself useful in a quiet way. I also ironed a bunch for the coming week, which, whatever. I hate ironing, but it's so necessary.

We got Netflix this week. Our first three discs came: A Christmas Carol and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 3 (discs 1 and 2). We watched all of them (B watched Christmas twice--she's got a sinus-sick thing right now) so we're waiting on the next three now.

I played soccer today, just a pick up game. It was cold and muddy. And windy. But it was a lot of fun. Most of the guys (5/9) were Italian, and incredibly skilled. They were good, which made it more fun to play, despite the terrible field. One of the guys actually lives in our building, which was kind of funny.

On Friday B and I went to the Seattle Art Museum. There's a great big Spanish exhibit on right now. Frankly, we were unimpressed. There were neat things, sure. But no sex, no violence, no drama. Just a bunch of portraits and a couple suits of armor. And a horse with armor. More interesting to us was a sculpture display on the fourth floor. All things made of glass. Really cool, stimulating stuff. One of the pieces had a fingerprint on it, which I pointed out to B. Shortly thereafter, a docent came by and informed me that touching the objects is prohibited. I laughed out loud, which he might have taken the wrong way, and tried to explain that I was showing the fingerprint to B. He seemed cool to that, and thanked me, and got on the radio for a cleaning crew with some windex. As we were walking away I thought that in his position I might have been more skeptical: "Yeah--I KNOW there's a fingerprint on the piece, and I bet it matches your finger, pal..." but luckily he was more believing.

Today I also read blogs. Lots of blogs. Althouse, Celluloid Wisdom, and How Appealing. Also, I read the introduction of the new Becker-Posner blog, which, come on, that's totally going to be heavy. Get ready for a schoolin', blogosphere.

Short story wrap-up: I'm feeling good. I get paid tomorrow! Now I feel EVEN BETTER!! Hooray for dollars. And sense.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Now that I've alienated the few readers I had by failing to update for days and days, I'll resume blogging. It's sort of like a new slate, almost. But it beats the hell out of starting over.

It's so easy to fall into a routine. Easy easy easy. I've been at my job for just over two weeks now (or is it three? ah, the days, they just bleed together), and today I caught myself in a rut. ALREADY! Morning: show up more or less in nick of time, wipe off sweat from biking or very-fast walking. Morning plus 10 minutes: wrap up email/blog surfing, start working. Choose CD from among pile in desperate need of upgrade. Work. Morning plus 2hours, 30 minutes: break. More work. Lunch. Afternoon: choose music from web-radio stations. Work. Afternoon plus 2 hours 30 minutes: break. Walk around lobby. Work, leave. Repeat M-F.

Well, it beats being unemployed.

I'm really digging my job, but I don't think it's a good idea for me to blog at work, so until I get a fly new laptop with wireless internet, probably I'll be limited in yet another way (ie: not as much blogging). But hell, since nobody's reading anyway, no big deal.

So the 3d Circuit wants to analogize law students to boy scouts. Or more directly: law schools to the BSA. Whatever. I'm not alone in my skepticism.

So here's the last topic of the fortnight (apart from my interjection here re: my first attempt at cross country skiiing. It was dope...): Last week I sent an email in response to an ad for a litigation position that was posted on the state bar's website. They listed a contact person, so I emailed her. I figured I'd not get a response, so I wrote in that I would follow up this week. I followed up yesterday, asking for the materials they want from applicants, a contact to whom the materials should be addressed, and have a nice day. So today, I got a totally cheesy auto-reply email that said basically, "we reviewed your materials, you look awesome, sorry the position has been filled." And I was sort of offended there for a second, because I'd just been patronized by a freakin' auto-reply email. Nobody reviewed my materials, because I never got to send them in. Nobody was impressed by my skill set, and for once, it wasn't my skill set's fault. So, note to law firm X: your HR person is a slacker, and in my humble opinion, it reflects poorly on your firm. Yes, MAYBE you got millions of emails, but duh, that's what happens when you list one.

Anyway, it's time to go cook the chicken.