Saturday, December 11, 2004

A break? Not quite.

After getting our meteorlogical asses kicked for the last week or so, it seemed to me that all good folk of Seattle could look forward to a break this morning. And it was glorious. Clear, clean sky, shining sun, calm blue (as opposed to black/grey) water in Puget Sound. It was even a little warm. Odd. And so, so temporary. As I type the clouds are sailing in, the temperature is dropping, the wind is picking back up. Damn.

Went to old law firm Christmas party. Apparently last year got a little wild so this year they severely cut back on the alcohol flow after 9pm. Instead of the 5 bars that they had up when we arrived at 7, they had cut back to 2 after 9, so it was tough for B and me to get our wild on. But a couple of whiskey sours added a nice polish to my evening, and some of the talent on display was truly first class. Even B was taken aback by some of the dresses and occupants of said dresses.

After leaving the party in a complimentary taxi, B and I came home and I took the dog out. It was one of those outside-excursions that made me question how much I really love my dog (a lot), because frankly, the wind and rain, and his reluctance to do his thing were all combining to make me unhappy. You could say it was taking the polish off my evening. So B and I set out again, to a cafe around the corner from our apartment. In fact, it's the very cafe where Tom Leykis got his head kicked in this summer. All I have to say is, "Good corned beef hash." And beer.

UPDATE: It's sunny again. It's cloudy again. It's sunny again. It's cloudy again. It's sunny again. This could (and probably will) go on all day, if not winter.


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