Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The following is an email I recently wrote to my father, who lives in a foreign country and watches the NFL in the middle of the night. The science project posts will just have to wait.

Hey when did you become such a big NE Patriots fan anyway? As far as I can recall, you've always been a Cowboys fan, and the only time I can remember you paying attention to the Patriots was back in 1986 when Jim McMahon and the Bears did the 42-10 Super Bowl Shuffle all over them, (in what was, for me anyway, the harbinger of the lopsided Super Bowl that was seen so prominently from the late 1980's to the mid-1990's, which caused television viewing to plummet for the SB, which caused fans to care less and less about it (if that were possible), which ultimately caused the league to implement its ridiculous salary and "parity" inducing rules, which have functioned like some kind of Socialist Sporting Regulatory Body
gone wild, and which has subsequently caused the NFL to become the unexciting and frankly crappy league that it is today, what with its focus on family-friendly marketing and football info-tainment television shows which now even my librarian girlfriend finds somewhat compelling, since she just watched "NFL Week in Review" or some crap on ESPN and came back to tell me how cool it was... so anyway, clearly I blame Mike Ditka for the crappy state of the NFL, although in 5th grade I thought he was a hell of a football coach and manager of kitchen appliances).

And let's not even TALK ABOUT how the above mentioned series of events has allowed TERRY BRADSHAW (who I despise only slightly less than Ted Rall, but for obviously different reasons, and but I'd still like to see TB kick TR in the nuts---oooh I'd pay money to see THAT) to return to the center of the nation's sporting consciousness from his rightful place on the fringes of lunacy...

So back to the original question... when did you become such a big
Patriots fan anyway??

ps--My girlfriend does not pronounce it "es-pen," since she knows it's really pronounced "E-S-P-N" (and no, smartass, she doesn't say, "E hyphen N hyphen...etc"

pps--A quick Google reveals that is was actually 46-10, but I don't think the point behind the post is materially affected.


Blogger SuperBiff said...

That's funny; I remembered it being 42-10 myself.. I watched that Super Bowl when I lived up in Rhode Island in base housing sharing a wall with the townhouse-thing next to us. The Patriots rushed out to a 10-0 lead. The neighbors nextdoor, being huge Pats fans, banged on the wall each time they scored.

Well, we (although not Bears fans) banged back every time the Bears scored.. That got out of hand quickly.

Whenever I think of Jim McMahon all I can think of is "FORK!"

December 26, 2004 at 3:50 PM  

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