Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday posting... Today was a classic Sunday (do I ever have anything other than classic weekends? I'll ponder...). I got up pretty early (8:30), walked the dog, then walked to the shop to get some laundry/dish soap, and cleaned the apartment while B slept. I did the bathroom, three loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher with the dishes from last night's steak BBQ (which was awesome) and generally made myself useful in a quiet way. I also ironed a bunch for the coming week, which, whatever. I hate ironing, but it's so necessary.

We got Netflix this week. Our first three discs came: A Christmas Carol and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 3 (discs 1 and 2). We watched all of them (B watched Christmas twice--she's got a sinus-sick thing right now) so we're waiting on the next three now.

I played soccer today, just a pick up game. It was cold and muddy. And windy. But it was a lot of fun. Most of the guys (5/9) were Italian, and incredibly skilled. They were good, which made it more fun to play, despite the terrible field. One of the guys actually lives in our building, which was kind of funny.

On Friday B and I went to the Seattle Art Museum. There's a great big Spanish exhibit on right now. Frankly, we were unimpressed. There were neat things, sure. But no sex, no violence, no drama. Just a bunch of portraits and a couple suits of armor. And a horse with armor. More interesting to us was a sculpture display on the fourth floor. All things made of glass. Really cool, stimulating stuff. One of the pieces had a fingerprint on it, which I pointed out to B. Shortly thereafter, a docent came by and informed me that touching the objects is prohibited. I laughed out loud, which he might have taken the wrong way, and tried to explain that I was showing the fingerprint to B. He seemed cool to that, and thanked me, and got on the radio for a cleaning crew with some windex. As we were walking away I thought that in his position I might have been more skeptical: "Yeah--I KNOW there's a fingerprint on the piece, and I bet it matches your finger, pal..." but luckily he was more believing.

Today I also read blogs. Lots of blogs. Althouse, Celluloid Wisdom, and How Appealing. Also, I read the introduction of the new Becker-Posner blog, which, come on, that's totally going to be heavy. Get ready for a schoolin', blogosphere.

Short story wrap-up: I'm feeling good. I get paid tomorrow! Now I feel EVEN BETTER!! Hooray for dollars. And sense.


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