Sunday, January 30, 2005

The word of the day is: election.

I saw Christopher Hitchens on C-SPAN earlier today, accurately describing the al-Zarqawi scum as not the "Arab Street," and not even the "Arab sewer." They are, as declared agents against democracy in Iraq, beneath contempt. They are hateful and murderous, and though the election today will not stop them killing ever more people, it will prove that the job in Iraq is getting done.

It may be said that this is not an election proper. I doubt that it matters to Iraqis. I think there is great symbolic currency in elections, even (especially?) in one so limited in practical effect. There was this election, there will be a constitutional congress, there will be a ratification vote on October 15, and a final election on December 15. The country will go into effect independent of the US occupation authority by the end of the year.

Those opposed to the Iraq election did not stop it. I doubt they will stop any of the other dates in the process. The next big date I will look for will be when the Iraqi government, such as it is elected, executes a Status of Forces Agreement with the United States. That will be real power, the power of the central government to enter into an international treaty. SOFAs are a big deal--I lived in a few countries under their protections and rules, and have retained some measure of respect for what they represent.

It's a good day for Iraq and for the world.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I like I've eaten a can of soup (I mean, the can) and chased it with a coil of razor wire.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I just read this week's posting on the Becker-Posner blog, and was dee-lighted to read two excellent (but very accessible) postings on "tort reform," especially with regard to federal limitations on medical malpractice awards. This is an especially interesting topic for me, because among other reasons it always seems to provoke arguments at familial gatherings. But not within my family. In my girlfriend's family, there are doctors, lawyers (not just me), AND insurance agents, so the med-mal pyrotechnics can be stimulating indeed, especially after dinner, when the merlot has had time to set in.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Okay... This is King County. To date I've said nothing about the election. All I really have to say about it is other people are covering it in depth, and I think we should have a re-vote, and I think all the current elections officials in King County should be fired.

Someone got arrested in our alley last night. The police used a megaphone to communicate, which after all the Friday night partying was a little tough on the various central nervous systems on the 8th Floor. But at least he didn't get shot, which was by no means a certainty at the beginning of that confrontation.

We're a little hungover today on the 8th floor. It's early afternoon and we're still in our pj's. The only trips made outside today have been for the sake of the dog. It's cold as nuts outside today, I can report. Soon we'll have to leave the comfort of our apartment for some Saturday shopping, and maybe tea down at the market. My girlfriend loves tea.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Yes, happiness makes you cry. Well, it can make you cry. I love how diametrically opposed emotions can elicit an identical physical response from time-to-time, as if there are more possible mental reactions than physical manifestations, so the body just has to double-up.

So here are some reasons I'm not at work yet, in no particular order:

1. eating my Cap'n Crunch one crunch/berry at a time.
2. have secret double-life.
3. emotionally co-dependent on my dog.
4. yesterday's bike-chain derailment was a sign from God.
5. made partner, make own schedule now!
6. relying on Dan Rather report that says I don't have to go in till 11.
7. too sunny.
8. too ironic.
9. can't go on any longer.
10. instapundit.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The word to describe Seattle today: raw.

Last night the Mirabeau Room was going off. There was a benefit staged and I'm sure it raised a lot of money because it wall-to-wall. The DJ's were local and very good, and of course the music had an Asian theme. The music was really, really nice and there were beautiful people everywhere, especially at my table where I was lucky enough to be accompanied by no less than five lovely ladies. And I do mean lovely. Had a drink, danced a bit, but I think we left just as it was really taking off. I'd got up at half-past 6 to go play soccer, and I was tired. All in all, a good day and night. Today there is a little snow on the ground and in the air.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I have a friend who recently became a father. He's a unique kind of friend of mine. Very reserved, confident, very, very smart. Like me, he's a little frustrated with the job market. Unlike me, he's now got a lot more riding on his prospects. So tonight in conversation, he made a point I've been trying to make to people about where I'm at, job-wise. He's had the very same thought as me, and he explained it in the same terms I've used in trying and failing to communicate the concept to others. I think that's what makes us friends--not only do we often (not always) think along similar lines, but we communicate them out the same way, too. I really value that in someone. It's nice to have around. The other cool thing about this guy is, once someone described him as hip like a hipster. That was shouted down by a lot of us, including his beloved. He took the shouting down in stride (I think he may also have contributed to it) but the more I think about it, the more I think it's an apt description.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stupid work getting in the way of stupid blogging. Sorry folks, I know you're dying to read hot fresh new news in my life here like four times daily, but frankly, I spend all day looking at a flat screen. I really don't feel like typing more at the end of each work day.

I applied for a different position in my firm. Hopefully I'll get the job and that will be fly.

I "networked" with another young lawyer in town tonight (he bought me a beer). A man of vision, I hope he succeeds. This particular conversation has got me thinking again about how I am too conservative by nature, and perhaps it's time I did something crazy.

Ann Althouse has some sweet posts up this week. The link is right over there to your right. I especially like the Reid/Read deconstruction of some Justice Thomas bad-mouthing. And the fashion/beauty posts raise some internalized points I used to think about a lot per my former girlfriend, but not so much these days.

The word of the day is: superficial.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Damn but shoes are expensive.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Late last night/early this morning, some merry-making jerkoff rang our doorbell TWICE (at 3:30 and 4 am) causing our dog to go crazy and causing me and B to wake from a blissful slumber. Coming home from the grocery just now, I had a fantasy that I cornered that guy and kicked him in the nuts repeatedly while saying "Happy New Year" for emphasis with each kick.
Thus begins a new year, and perhaps new blogging habits. Short and sweet.

My workout was great. It was mostly just running. However, it was satisfyingly followed by the sight of my knee swelling up big time. It doesn't really hurt, it just sucks.

Perhaps also we will have a "response to comments" section. Here is one: watching the bad guy in "Trading Places" get "plowed in the ass" wasn't nearly as satisfying as (watching my knee swell up after a good run) one might think after one realizes that it is extremely unlikely that his ape costume would have had a rectal hole in it, through the which the real ape could sodomize the bad guy. So maybe there was just a lot of dry humping, which would also be uncomfortable and degrading, which is just what a villain in a comedy deserves, huh?