Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A new post. I'm working a lot of hours most weeks and spending my weekends in faraway places. I'm not a secret agent, I'm just a contract lawyer. It's working out well, thank you.

I've made some friends at work. It's not like that. This is all about music-exchange and maybe the occasional after work martini. Strange but I had to get the flu to prove I was like everyone else and get to be friends with people. At one point about 30 of the 70 attorneys on my floor had the flu, which was fairly unproductive for the workplace. Unfortunately for you, lawyer-hater, we all survived. Now we're thinking of suing Caterpillar for, you know... being there.

Oh, and we got high-speed at home now, so that's nice. And the dog went to the vet. He's healthy, but his nuts haven't grown back yet. So, still no puppies.